Performance group Palasokeri visited us for 5 days in the end of May, halfway through their Finnish road trip.

They are a hyper-active group, so even though this was their holiday they still managed to do a bunch of things in Oma Taidetalo: they built their caravan into the Maybe Bar in our garden (serving strong, unique/questionable cocktails, with supporting narrative stories to explain the taste); made a vegetable garden and potato towers, planting seeds and potatoes found in the house; celebrated two birthdays; set up a big tattoo session in the living room; and squeezed in a collective twerking session in the theatre before takeoff!

The group consists of Marguerite Kalt (FR), Hosana Schornstein (FR), Rong Ci Zhang (TW) and Florian “Kreppband” Berger (AT).
They met each other as exchange students in The Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, and formed a close relationship during the past six months.

We appreciate the visit, and the maybe late-summer veggies!

Marguerite’s Instagram
Hosana’s Instagram
Hosana’s blog (in French)