Inspiring Alien

Alvia “Inspiring Alien” Crescens (FI) sent us an application in May for a spontaneous residency, and two days later he came to stay for a month.

During his time in Simpele he spent time relaxing and reflecting, working on his various projects.
He created a nest for himself in our tiny cabin in the garden, where he lived during most of his stay, and turned it into a video/photo installation for our June group show.
He also helped Jussi set up the DJ gear for a party weekend, and got to try out the decks himself; natural talent revealed itself in our livingroom!

In his work, Alvia mixes spirituality and graphic design. He runs two Youtube channels and designs space-themed tarot cards, which we of course got to take a look at and learn a bit about.

Alvia’s own sites:
Main Youtube channel
Second Youtube channel