Open Call

The open call for the residency is running continuously, without application deadlines.
We are more or less fully booked for the rest of the project duration. However, we do get occasional cancellations, so you are always welcome to send us an application – even with short notice – and we will see what is possible.
You can stay from one week to one month. All residency agreements are arranged on a case-by-case basis.

We acknowledge artistic research, and creative interaction, in any form, as art production. We do not expect you to apply with a specific project plan, and it is not required to produce any artworks during the residency. Any produced works will be showcased in public events in Simpele during the summer.
We are open to host creative minds from all fields, and want the house to be inspirationally diverse.
If you are unsure if we can accommodate your media: talk to us. We will figure out what our mutual options are, and how to make it work.

As we are still awaiting the results of funding applications (and potential gear-acquisitions), we are foremost looking for artists who can work independently with their own gear and tools – and artists who are ready to improvise with an odd selection of tools, machines and materials.

Send a one page motivational letter to:, presenting yourself, your media, and your interest in the residency.
We do not care about how impressive your CV is, but please explain any previous experience with collective structures and collaborative approaches.
You do not need to know what you want to do in the residency, but you should know why you want to join us.
If your English grammar is not perfect, do not worry: communication is so much more than written language.

All submitted applications will be read and evaluated. If your written application is approved, then you will be notified via email and invited to a 30 min. personal Zoom meeting. After the video meeting, a decision will be made and you will be notified via email.

Artists-in-residence pay €30 per week to the house’s coffee jar, to cover odd running costs.
We can not provide any funding or financial support, so you must be able to cover your own transport and stay. However, if you are financially unable to meet the weekly cost of €30, then explain your situation and we will work out a viable sliding scale; those who desire communal art praxis deserve it!

We expect all visiting artists to be socially aware and responsible.
Communal living and working entails shared household duties and mutual consideration.
Besides being a guest in the residency, you are also a guest in Simpele.