Nikolaj Gerstenfeldt

Danish musician, DJ and sound artist Nikolaj Gerstenfeldt spent a week in Oma Taidetalo, in the beginning of June.

He recorded sounds in and around the house, resulting in a 20 min. abstracted ambient piece titled ‘The Sound of Simpele’.
Him and Xenia had an all night A/V jam session, experimenting with the field recordings and home recorded VHS tapes from the local second hand shop. Xenia presented the collaboration at our AV Festival in July, by live-mixing VHS tapes to Nikolaj’s sound.

Nikolaj has a thing for Easter, so while he was here we improvised a midnight Easter lunch party.
He also got to visit the infamous garage of our local friends, playing old school video games and talking till late – and they let him bring home an exclusive selection of old Finnish classics on vinyl.